McBride Honors Program

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The McBride Honors Program has the feel of a small liberal arts college–right here, in the heart of one of the foremost science and engineering universities. Nurturing the full potential of Mines students for over forty years, the program develops core skills in effective communication, problem solving, leadership, creativity and critical thinking. Through McBride, students get a well-rounded education that emboldens learning across disciplines and with diverse people by integrating the liberal arts with that of science and engineering.


Students in McBride will experience student-centered and collaborative learning alongside their professors in small, unique classes that are developed specifically for the program. Seminar discussions and innovative academic activities are designed to encourage curiosity, dive deeply into our humanity, tether our socio-technical understanding, and explore our world in all of its complexity.


Our emphases on experiential education, global exploration, and student-driven experiences culminate in the capstone practicum where students design their own learning adventure according to their passions and goals. This close-knit community of creatively minded and highly motivated individuals make McBride a place to call home and to enjoy a truly transformative educational experience.

Upcoming Events

Event Title Event Details
Spring McBanquet Friday (4/29) from 5pm to 7pm
Humormanity Field Trip Saturday (4/30) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm


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Applause and Snaps to our 2021 student award recipients!

Applause and Snaps to our 2021 student award recipients!

2021 Student Award Recipients: Caleb Pan - The Thomas Philipose Award for the Outstanding Senior Student, Kat Tomon - The McBride Honors Program Award for the Outstanding Senior Student, Joseph Stitt - The McBride Honors Program Award for the Outstanding Senior...

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Congrats Stephanie Adams!

Congrats Stephanie Adams!

Check out this incredible paper written by Stephanie Adams in her HNRS 305 class, which was recently published! Her paper titled "Corporate Obligations in the Energy Industry A Historical Case Study of Mine Subsidence in Scranton, PA" starts on page 7 of the linked pdf.

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