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Interested in Joining McBride? We are Now Accepting Applications!

Applications are due on February 17th, 2021. If you want to learn more, attend one of our upcoming virtual information sessions (more details will be posted at a later date) 

The McBride Experience

The McBride Honors Program has the feel of a small liberal arts college–right here, in the heart of one of the foremost science and engineering universities. Nurturing the full potential of Mines students for over forty years, the program develops core skills in effective communication, problem solving, leadership, creativity and critical thinking. Through McBride, students get a well-rounded education that emboldens learning across disciplines and with diverse people by integrating the liberal arts with that of science and engineering.

Students in McBride will experience student-centered and collaborative learning alongside their professors in small, unique classes that are developed specifically for the program. Seminar discussions and innovative academic activities are designed to encourage curiosity, dive deeply into our humanity, tether our socio-technical understanding, and explore our world in all of its complexity. 

Our emphases on experiential education, global exploration, and student-driven experiences culminate in the capstone practicum where students design their own learning adventure according to their passions and goals. This close-knit community of creatively minded and highly motivated individuals make McBride a place to call home and to enjoy a truly transformative educational experience. 

Upcoming Events Schedule

Event Title Event Details
McHalloween Pumpkin Party (In-Person) October 29th (4:30PM – 6:30PM)
McCommon Read – Discussion (Virtual) November 5th (5:30PM – 7:00PM)
McOpen House (Virtual) November 9th (8:00AM – 9:30AM, 2:00PM – 4:00PM)
McOpen House (Virtual) November 19th (8:00AM – 9:30AM, 4:00PM – 6:00PM)


Student Showcase

The Student Showcase features some of the creative, interdisciplinary, and exceptional work of our students which emerges from unique learning experiences. 

HNRS 425: Explorations in Politics, Policy, and Leadership - John Whately

Course Theme: Foggy Lenses, Foggy Mirror: Ambiguity and Clarity in Mass Media

Project Link: The Rainbow Airwaves – PDF

HNRS 435: Explorations in Culture, Society, and Creative Arts - Scott Marshall

Course Theme: Soul Food: Plating our Cultural Narratives

Project Link: The Cookbook – Website

HNRS 435: Explorations in Culture, Society, and Creative Arts - Emma Braun

Course Theme: Soul Food: Plating our Cultural Narratives

Project Link: Food As Power – Podcast

Project Description: Works Referenced

HNRS 445: Explorations in Science, Technology, and Society - Colin Gilgenbach

Course Theme: Thermo Human Dynamics—Heat, Energy, and Time

Project Link: The Heat Death of the Universe – Website

My project showcases four variations on a common theme of thermodynamic heat death. I imagine the ideas of heat death applied to the staggering scope of the life of the universe, in order to force the viewer to step outside of the human timescale.

To showcase this project, I created a website which takes the viewer from the start of the universe to the projected end of the universe. I use changing colors to give a sense of the average temperature of the universe, and a graph overlay to allow the viewer to gauge the progress of the universe and the inevitability of thermodynamics. Into this backdrop, I insert dialogues between characters living their lives on each of these time and length scales. In essence, I juxtapose the inevitable process of thermodynamics with the experiences of life that can take place despite this.

Throughout the project, I use time units which are scaled to the era represented. This demonstrates the fractal nature of the Universe, and emphasizes the possibility of life to persist at extremely low temperatures and extremely long timescales. There are certain parallels that run through each timescale, such as uncertainty about the future and inability to comprehend the sheer scope of the Universe.

This project attempts to subvert the purely negative views of thermodynamic heat death, by suggesting that life could continue long after humans are gone.

HNRS 445: Explorations in Science, Technology, and Society - Gillian Burnham

Course Theme: Thermo Human Dynamics—Heat, Energy, and Time

Project Link: The Chaos Collection – PDF

Description: Art Statement – PDF

HNRS 445: Explorations in Science, Technology, and Society - Shannon Keohane

Course Theme: Thermo Human Dynamics—Heat, Energy, and Time

Project Link: Contrived Blooms Luminesce – PDF


First of Practicum Event Series

First of Practicum Event Series

Following the soulful poetry of HASS professor Seth Tucker, McBrider George Goldade shares stories about life and living while studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan and finding comfort and culture in vending machines in the very first of the Practicum Event Series. Hosted...

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McBride Class Fun

McBride Class Fun

HNRS 435 enjoyed a delicious clam bake made by McBrider Dave LaPusata (pictured to the left). Dave told stories of growing up in Massachusetts and enjoying his favorite meal of all time - a good old-fashioned Boston Clam Bake.

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Our Second Practicum Event!

Our Second Practicum Event!

Join us for the second event of our Practicum Event Series, No Turning Back, where we will be hearing stories from Cecilia Nepple and Sean Patrick McGinley! The event will be on October 6 at 5:30PM via zoom here

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Writing Center Workshop for Personal Statements

Writing Center Workshop for Personal Statements

The Writing Center will be hosting a virtual workshop for personal statements next Tuesday, September 29th, 5:00-6:00 pm. Students can register here with their Mines e-mail. They can also access the link by visiting We are open at full...

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