McBride Honors students are highly successful at landing excellent internship opportunities. The program strongly encourages (but does not require) students to pursue some form of internship – whether with industry, in public policy, or for the non-profit sector. The program works with students to help them identify, pursue, and complete various kind of opportunities. Some employers send announcements about internship opportunities directly to the McBride office, and we announce those opportunities directly to McBride students.

Domestic Internships

For professional internships in the United States, Mines’ Career Center is your most important resource for finding an opportunity that meets your goals. You should consult the Career Center website and work with the center’s staff to explore your options. The Mines Career Center also provided assistance in resume writing, resume books, cover letters, interviewing skills, establishing a profile, and search tools for internships in numerous organizations. Please feel free to consult with the McBride Director as well.

Award Support

The McBride Program offers award support to help students complete internships – especially in public policy or abroad. To be eligible for award support, the internship must meet one of the following criteria: (a) internship is unpaid or for very low pay; (b) internship carries with it high unreimbursed expenses, such as a program fee or travel to a foreign country; (c) internship is in public policy or for a non-profit organization. If you fit these criteria, check out the awards available for McBride Students.

Internships Abroad

Mines’ Office of International Programs is an important resource for identifying internships abroad. Students should consult the OIP website and work with OIP staff to explore their options. As always, the Career Center is also a good resource when searching for an internship, domestic or abroad. At McBride, we greatly encourage some kind of abroad experience, so if you feel like that might be hard to work into your schedule, an abroad internship could be the perfect fit! Check out the OIP site to find out.