Ways To Support

Financial Support

A core way to give back to the McBride Program that hopefully did a lot for you is to donate to the program. Financial donations help the program in many different ways. Donations help fund class activities, group outings, financial awards for students wanting to study abroad or simply explore their world, and most importantly, it allows the program to continue to flourish. If this kind of giving back fits what you are looking for, visit the Donations page. If not, simply keep reading to see other ways you can give back to the McBride community.

Guest Lectures

All of our alumni go on to achieve truly amazing accomplishments, and this makes them perfect guest lecturers. If you would be willing to come visit the Mines campus and hold a guest lecture for some of our McBride students, contact mcbride@mines.edu and let us know when you would be able to and we will make something work! Thank you in advance for taking the time to grace us with your gained knowledge and experience.

Hosting Events

As you are aware, we love to host events for our students to take time away from class and enjoy life. Our events tend to be social and engaging, but are not limited to that. If you have an event idea and some funding for the event, contact mcbride@mines.edu to try and set it up. If you simply would like to financially back the hosting of an event, we have a list of potential events created by McBride Student Directors and event ideas suggested by students themselves! Just let us know what you would like to do in order to give back to the McBride program and the McBride community.