The McBride Honors Program has been inspiring students to become leaders and innovators for over four decades. The program nurtures the leadership potential of Mines students by developing their core skills in effective communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. At Mines, Honors students are challenged to work independently, to engage in spirited debate, and to develop a sophisticated understanding of the broader social and cultural context in which engineers and scientists work.

Our Learning Outcomes

Communicate Effectively

Exemplify the highest standards of clear and cogent communication, both orally and in writing, to different audiences and in various contexts, using appropriate language, formats, and technologies

Think and Read Critically

Discern bias and identify hidden assumptions, allusions, and symbols; assess the veracity of differing sources of information and the strengths and limitations of differing research methods; evaluate the quality of logic and evidence that informs arguments, opinions, viewpoints, and perspectives; develop and articulate arguments and judgments based on reasoned examination of meaningful body of evidence; use interdisciplinary insights and analytical concepts to recognize, evaluate, and synthesize viewpoints and evidence on multiple topics

Recognize, Analyze, and Appraise Differing International and Cultural Contexts

Appreciate the traditions and languages of other cultures, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and political practices, both internationally and within the United States; employ multiple analytical tools to assess the impact of science and engineering in differing international, economic, political, environmental, and social contexts

Discuss Ideas Openly

Engage in informed, respectful, and open-minded discussions on a wide-range of topics as informed by multiple disciplinary perspectives

Exemplify Intellectual Curiosity

Exhibit a pronounced curiosity about the world in which they live; commit themselves to lifelong learning within and outside the classroom

Learn Independently and in Teams

Take responsibility for their own learning, including seeking multiple sources of information and devising meaningful plans for research and learning, while also being able to work and learn collaboratively with peers, supervisors, and mentors

Exhibit Professional Excellence, Leadership Potential, Courage, and Ethical Reflection

Demonstrate exemplary poise and professionalism; plan, decide, and delegate courses of action; exhibit the courage to question conventional wisdom and to act on well-reasoned convictions; and exemplify superior ethical reasoning and behavior