Study Abroad

McBride students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to pursue some form of foreign study experience. The program works with students to help them identify, pursue, and complete various opportunities abroad, including internships, service, and study.

Students have three broad options for integrating foreign study into the McBride experience:

  1. You can use the study abroad experience as the site for your McBride practicum experience. To receive practicum credit, students must work with the practicum advisor and follow the practicum guidelines as specified online.
  2. You can use courses you take abroad to earn regular McBride credit. The program may allow you to fulfill up to 6-credits toward the Honors Minor by completing courses in the humanities, social sciences, or foreign languages at an international institution. To be eligible for McBride credit, such courses must be approved in advance by the program director and submitted to the practicum advisor.
  3. Occasionally, the McBride Program will organize or co-sponsor a foreign study course. Those opportunities will be publicized to all eligible McBride students as they arise.

Award Support

The McBride Program offers several awards to help students study abroad especially for students who are fulfilling their McBride practicum requirement through foreign study.

Important Things to Know

  1. The Office of International Programs (OIP) is your most important resource for planning a foreign study opportunity. Read OIP’s website carefully and thoroughly! There are many things you need to know, many forms you’ll have to fill out, and many requirements you must meet.
  2. You will need to seek approval for your study abroad program from your major department, from McBride, and from the Office of International Programs.
  3. If you are receiving CSM credit (e.g. through the practicum) or a McBride award for international travel abroad, you must submit several required documents to OIP, as explained on the Individual International Travel section of OIP’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities Abroad: Internships, Service, and Foreign Study

The Office of International Programs maintains the most up-to-date database of study abroad options. Students should consult the OIP website and work with OIP staff to explore the possibilities. In addition to the many excellent Mines-sponsored programs, some of the organizations listed below offer promising opportunities for work, study, or service abroad:

A Broader View

Typical work week, with thirty-five to forty hours per week spent in an ongoing construction and water building project, an environment agriculture project, healthcare, and various other opportunities in developing countries. Living accommodations are arranged with a host family and the weekends are left open to explore your destination.

Academic Solutions

Academic Solutions provides placement, supervision and evaluation of students in community service, volunteer, and internship programs. Most majors and interests can be accommodated, so please check for subjects and availability. Tarragona, Spain, is the capital of the chemical industry in Spain making it a prime location for chemical engineers. Chemical & Mechanical Engineering internships are available in the area and one should note that this program allows for trips to cultural spots, and is only a short drive from Barcelona.

Adelante Abroad

Organizes internships and study abroad programs in Spain, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Scotland, and Uruguay.

Amigos de los Americas

Amigos de los Americas provides a great experience for students interested in gaining an in-depth, hands-on understanding of culture, history, and development efforts in a community abroad. Volunteers will be separated into groups and will work with representatives of local organizations. Opportunities for gaining college credit and research experience are available.

Australian Internships

Internships are for a minimum of six weeks and all placements are in non-paid training positions. An opportunity for cultural immersion into Australia, the benefits of learning from a major cooperation, and to bridge the gap between school and work with ease!

BD Medical

BD focuses on improving drug delivery, enhancing the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers, and advancing research. Full time employment and summer internship opportunities are available internationally.

College Gap Year: Resources for Travel, Volunteering, and Learning

Taking a gap year can be very beneficial for students who make the most of that year off of school. This resource provides explanations of the reasons people have for taking a gap year and some of the best ways to spend that year to make the whole experience worth it.

Connect 1.2.3.

This organization places students in customizable internship and service programs abroad. The organization also helps students with travel, housing, and daily life abroad. The organization can also work with groups of students to arrange multiple internships for students traveling together to a particular country.

Cross Cultural Solutions

Many different types of work, including childcare, health services, and teaching conversational English, are available. Volunteers are provided lodging, usually with three other volunteers.


Work in a laboratory work at a university in Germany. With the extra time (and money) students can explore Germany on the weekends. The laboratory work will be done mostly in English and will provide hands on work experience in the student’s respective field.

Edge of Seven

An international organization based in Denver, Colorado that provides access to educational and economic resources for the most marginalized members of developing communities – most often, girls and women. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to work closely with people who face different obstacles in life and hold different perspectives on our world. International volunteer opportunities and socially-conscious adventures are available to both groups and individuals. With program areas currently in South Asia and Africa, the duration of trips range from two weeks to a few months.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Many different programs exist within each geographical location. FSD focuses on assisting students interested in building a career in sustainable development. Program will be completed with three to ten other participants and includes a variety of activities and educational sessions. Basic language training for Africa and India locations is also provided.

Global Aware

Global Aware helps to fight poverty in Jaipur, India. This involves providing support for teachers, working with rescued child laborers, and assisting at day care centers catering to children below the poverty line. Volunteers will also participate in beautification activities at government schools, day care centers, and other public facilities. Volunteers are accommodated with food and lodging during their stay.

Global Crossroad

Global Crossroad’s goal is to create opportunities for the poor children living in Peru. Volunteers teach English to primary, middle, and high school students either directly or through assisting permanent English Teachers.

Global Volunteer Network

Individuals looking to lend and extend their medical knowledge can do so by working in a Costa Rican hospital or ambulance service. Volunteers are accommodated with pre-approved family-stay housing and meals. This project is for medical students, pre-med students and qualified doctors and nurses. At least intermediate Spanish is required. Other opportunities in construction are also available. Global Volunteer Network places students with a community in need of improved conditions for vulnerable women and children. There are also opportunities for teaching English, mentoring children, caring for orphans, assisting with childcare, and cultural exchange.

Global Volunteers

Various projects in Chennai, India involve improving educational, health, and living conditions for orphans in the area. Volunteers may participate in teaching children conversational English and assisting with recreational programs.

Go Abroad

Go Abroad is a database that aids students in their search for volunteer, internship, and study abroad programs. This web resource also provides information about potential scholarships to aid in travel expenses and advice for planning an abroad experience. This is a good starting point for students who know that they want to travel abroad, but are unsure about exactly what program they want to apply for.

Go Overseas

This site compiles hundreds of gap year, volunteer, study, teach, and intern abroad programs worldwide, with first-hand reviews from alumni. Also included are handy guides on how to plan for your trip abroad based on location or activity.

Habitat for Humanity International

Most habitat trips focus on building communities and homes for those in need. They also offer woman to woman programs, through which volunteers can aid women in developing communities with daily chores and work.

Himalayan Health Exchange

Through independent study/fieldwork in the Inner and Greater Himalayan region of northern India, HHE will offer students a practical approach to the study of India in a socio-cultural, medical, anthropology, and religious context.

IES Global

Paid internships are available in China. Students must pay fees that include living accommodations and Mandarin lessons. Students will receive work placement, international work experience, be culturally immersed, and have the opportunity for creating an international network of business contacts.

Intern Abroad

InternAbroad is a free search engine that aids in the search for study, volunteer, internship, and teaching abroad opportunities. This organization also provides online assistance for individuals seeking help in finding right program.

International Service Learning

ISL provides clinical field experience for students pursuing a career in medicine and health care. Financial aid is available through the . Students volunteer in clinics abroad during trips that last around ten days. Most teams are medical but general service projects are also available several times per year or by request for schools or organizations in areas such as the environment, globalization issues, or cultural studies.

International Student Volunteers

This program focuses on getting students involved with wildlife conservation, community development, children’s programs, and environmental management. International Student Volunteers provides great experience for those interested in environmental areas. Projects are operated in partnership with local organizations and private research groups.

International Volunteer HQ

This program sends volunteers to Nepal to work in orphanages, provide medical services, and teach English in schools.

MLSA-Modern Languages Study Abroad

Intensive culture and language study for two to four weeks with six to nine credit hours from a selection of universities. Organized trips to significant locations are available.

Organization for Tropical Studies & Duke University

This undergraduate semester abroad program takes place in Costa Rica. The fifteen week program emphasizes the scientific, intercultural, and social aspects of global health, tropical medicine, public health, ethnobiology, and research topics in these subjects.


This is a Spanish immersion program that involves five hours per day of one-on-one Spanish lessons and participation in community development projects. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a medical Spanish immersion program, where the Spanish lessons are focused on medical Spanish, and students work in the clinic associated with the school. A Guatemalan family will provide housing, three meals per day, and a hot shower.

Projects Abroad

Project Abroad provides many internship and volunteer opportunities for students who are interested in actively improving the human condition. Students can learn how to facilitate the protection human rights through the law and will be mentored by professional staff throughout their international experiences. Other internship opportunities include journalism, international development, and medicine and healthcare.

Sankalp Volunteer Society

Volunteers can gain rewarding experience through local programs that involve teaching English, working at an orphanage, educating street children, improving women equality, coaching youth sports teams, and assisting with child care. Program duration ranges from one week to twelve months, allowing for scheduling flexibility.

Semester at Sea

Students will have classes on the ship and learn about various topics as they travel around the world.

Transitions Abroad

Transition Abroad provides online resources to aid in the process of finding and preparing for internships and full time careers abroad.

United Planet

Opportunities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East are available. United Planet helps with the placement process and even offers language lessons, organized cultural activities, and excursions. They are very flexible and are not limited to just healthcare volunteering. Living accommodations would be with a host family

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions provides many programs for volunteer work, ranging from childcare, to teaching English, to construction. Food and housing are provided by the organization.