Traveling and Studying Abroad

Many students incorporate studying and traveling abroad into their practicum. Studying abroad can be a fantastic way to quite literally explore your world, and a great opportunity to spend some time in a new culture. Following are a few suggestions about studying abroad that you might find useful.

When to Go

If you are planning on doing a full semester abroad, many students find this easiest to do during the Sophomore year. This is because Mines is generally more willing to accept as transfer credits courses that are part of the general curriculum, as opposed to those courses that are more major specific in your Junior and Senior years. This does not mean, of course, that if you haven’t traveled by your Sophomore year, you have no hope of traveling abroad. A good number of McBriders still travel into their Junior and even Senior years. Alternatively, there are many programs that offer summer courses. 

Where to Go 

This, of course, is entirely up to you. The where is not as important as the why. Think not just about travel for travel’s sake, but about what you want to experience and why you want to experience those things. This can be helpful in shaping your practicum.

How to Go 

Much of the gritty details of studying abroad for a semester are handled adroitly by the Office of International Programs. If you are thinking about traveling and studying abroad, this should be your first stop. Talk with Mary Cook about your plans and she can help you get the ball rolling. Mines has partner exchanges with a number of universities throughout the world. Attending one of these universities generally makes the process a bit smoother and easier, however students also choose to attend programs that Mines has no official affiliation with all the time.  
Once you’ve chatted with OIP and have an understanding about what program or institution you would like to attend, come talk with the Practicum Adviser to help solidify your plan, work on your practicum proposal and to get started with paperwork for Enrichment Awards. Please be aware of Enchrichment Award Application Deadlines, which are posted on this website. Applications for Enrichment Awards typically happen about a semester ahead of the intended travel date. 

Transfer Credits

Any credits students wish to transfer in from their semester abroad must first be approved by the Mines Registrar’s office. If you wish to transfer credits in for McBride classes, they must also first be approved by the Registrar, and then by the McBride Program Director. It is helpful to gather as much information about the courses you wish to transfer as possible. This includes course descriptions and, if possible, syllabi.