A staple of any tight-knit and supporting program is traditions that every veteran community member looks forward to immensely and traditions that act as rite of passages for new members. In the McBride community, we indulge this and seek to create multiple traditions that are experience yearly throughout both the Fall and Spring school semesters. Below is a list of just a few of them.

Fall Welcome-Back Banquet

To kick off a new school year, every student, faculty member, staff member, and community friend gathers together to enjoy a fancy night of announcements, wonderful catered food, and a look at the year to come. After a few months without seeing your favorite McBride friends every week, it is the perfect way to reunite with all your classmates. The Program Director will provide speakers that have travelled the world, speakers who will be teaching classes in the semester to come, and finally speakers that truly care for every single McBride student for a guaranteed fun evening.

Bocci Ball on the Honors Lawn

A program favorite for McBride is to gather together students and faculty to join in a few games of Bocci Ball on the Honors front or back lawn. Experts, Novices, complete strangers to Bocci Ball, come one come all for a series of fun Bocci matches put on by the McBride community.

Homecoming Activities

Every year, McBride students gather together for a morning of fun and creativity. A fun past activity was the building and designing of Cornhole boards. We had students go all out and make their boards as unique and different as possible. Make sure to come by the McBride tent at homecoming to see what will be happening that year!

Spring End-of-the-Year Banquet

To wrap up a wonderful two semesters of the McBride program, as well as to welcome in the freshman that will be joining the program the upcoming Fall, McBride hosts a night of fancy catered eating, reliving memories and enjoying the annual Sophomore Skit Challenge (victor often gets a pizza night!). This banquet is often quoted as a highlight from graduates for their entire time spent in the McBride program.

Honors Hours Popcorn

Thanks to the kind donation of Bob (Melanie’s awesome dad) you can come and kick back with some conversation and popcorn in the Honors House!