Experiential Learning

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Experiential Learning

Education experts use the term “experiential learning” to describe a simple idea: “learning by doing.” The McBride Honors Program understands the unique value of independent learning and learning by doing. Students are encouraged to seek as many opportunities as possible for expanding their minds by exploring and engaging the world around them.  

The program also helps students pursue a special summer or semester-long educational program outside the CSM curriculum, such as intensive foreign language program, summer archaeological field school, semester in DC, National Collegiate Honors Council summer or semester program, Semester at Sea, etc. Examples of some of these kinds of activities are listed below.
Students have two broad options for integrating an experiential learning program into the McBride experience:
  1. You can use the experiential learning program to fulfill the McBride practicum requirement. To receive practicum credit for such a program, students must first complete a practicum proposal and follow the practicum guidelines as specified online.
  2. You can use experiential courses programs to earn regular McBride credit. The program may allow you to fulfill up to 6-credits toward the minor through an approved program. To be eligible for McBride credit, such courses must be approved in advance by the program director as documented in a signed Transfer Credit Prior/Post-Approval Form.

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Scholarship support:
The McBride Program offers scholarship support to help students complete various experiential learning opportunities – especially if pursued to fulfill the practicum requirement. To be eligible for scholarship support, the experience must meet one of the following criteria: (a) it is unpaid or for very low pay; (b) it includes high unreimbursed expenses, such as for supplies, a program fee, or travel.

Experiential Educational Programs:
Some opportunities include the following:
Capitol Semester
Organizes a semester in Washington D.C. that includes a guaranteed internship placement, courses for transferable credit, furnished housing, a variety of guest lectures and briefings, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking.
National Collegiate Honors Council Programs
NCHC is the umbrella organization for Honors Programs in the United States. Each year, the program offers a couple of special Honors courses in extraordinary settings. These opportunities will be announced to McBride students as they come up.
Partners in the Parks
An outdoor experiential learning program in U.S. national parks, co-sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council. 
Semester at Sea
Students will take a full semester of classes on a cruise ship and learn about various topics as they travel around the world.

Summer Intensive Language Programs:
Many schools offer intensive language programs to help students rapidly learn a foreign language. Among the best are:
Middlebury College Summer Language School
Generally regarded as the best. Offers programs from beginning to advanced, with programs on campuses in Vermont and California.
Monterey Institute Summer Language Program
Excellent intensive language program in a fantastic setting. 

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