You Can Help!

Big and small investments in our students transform their lives and open up new opportunities. As we look at the exciting future of McBride, two key investments would help us continue the spectacular upward trend we’re seeing in Honors education at Mines.    

Most obviously, we need to continue to invest in students. Awards that reward and encourage excellence make a tremendous difference. The Honors Enrichment Award program, for example, is helping us attract the best students to pursue the well-rounded education that McBride offers. By supporting unique educational opportunities in the United States or abroad, these awards are inspiring our Honors students to seek out ever greater challenges and to pursue ever more transformative opportunities. 
We also need help investing in faculty resources. Students in McBride are passionate about balancing their technical educations with the skills honed by the liberal arts – effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership. Ask them, and they’ll tell you: they want more opportunities to study history, psychology, public policy, law, literature, and international affairs. They want to learn from experts in these fields who will challenge them and help them grow. Providing these opportunities requires investing in new faculty, a cause as important as it is challenging.


Thank you for your support – it makes all the difference in the world!



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