McBride Honors Students

Students in the McBride Honors Program are creative, highly motivated, and intellectually curious.  Not only are they some of the brightest and most high achieving students at Mines, students join the Honors program because they want to get the most from their educations. Most want to sharpen their skills at critical thinking and effective communication. Many want to develop their leadership potential or to become entrepreneurs. Still others are preparing themselves for postgraduate work in law, medicine, science, and engineering.  

Whatever their aspirations, all McBride students want to understand the world around them. They want to explore ideas and to learn by doing. They want to challenge themselves and learn from each other.  They want to grow as citizens of a global community.

Most students join the McBride Honors Program as sophomores.  Some will complete the First Year Honors Experience and move into McBride. Others will join the program later in their academic careers. Transfer students and upper-class students can also join the Program, depending on space and their schedules.


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"McBride students want something more: to be engaged in the world around them by learning about the cultural, social, and political sides of life."


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