Student Resources

The McBride Honors Program provides many resources to students and faculty in the program. Books and technology can be checked out as needed from Karin Murray.
  • Two Dell laptops, including one top-of-the-line XPS, with solid-state drives and tons of software.
  • Bose portable wireless speaker (connects via Bluetooth or cable); great for bringing superior sound to your presentation.
  • Wireless USB Presentation Remote Clicker; advances PowerPoint slides remotely.
  • iPad2
Honors Lounge:
The Honors Lounge is open during normal business hours. Couches, desks, and computers are available for student and faculty use.
The Honors Library is located downstairs in the McBride House. The library contains an extensive array of books on a variety of topics, many of them pertaining to leadership, science and technology, public policy, literature, and history. Students and faculty can check out books from Karin Murray during normal business hours.
Honors Conference Room:
The Honors Conference Room (in the McBride House) is available for use by students and faculty during normal business hours. Reservations are recommended but not required. To reserve the conference room, contact Karin Murray
Honors Kitchen:
The McBride House has a fully equipped kitchen, including refrigerator, microwave, and one-cup Keurig coffee maker. Students and faculty are welcome to use the kitchen during business hours (provided all messes are cleaned up!)
McBride House Patio:
The patio behind the McBride House can be used by students and faculty (provided all messes are cleaned up!). Patio furniture and chairs are available.
McBride “Explore Your World” Logo Gear:
The McBride Program has an extensive array of give-aways, many with the Program’s “Explore Your World” logo, including: water bottles, mini-staplers, highlighters, bumper stickers, business-card fliers, and more. Students and faculty may request items to use for promotional and recruiting events by contacting Karin Murray.


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