Service Learning

Many McBride Honors students are interested in “giving back” by engaging in service learning or volunteer work. McBride students understand the value of serving a cause greater than themselves. Some students participate in service in their local communities; others engage in volunteer work abroad. McBride strongly encourages (but does not require) students to gain this kind of experience, and it helps students identify, pursue, and complete various opportunities.

Students have two broad options for integrating service into the McBride experience:
(1) You can use a service learning or volunteer experience to fulfill the McBride practicum requirement. A wide range of opportunities in the U.S. and abroad are eligible. To receive practicum credit for such a program, students must first complete a practicum proposal and follow the practicum guidelines as specified online.
(2) Occasionally, the McBride Program will organize or co-sponsor a service learning course, such as the Spring 2013 service learning course in Denver and Honduras. Those opportunities will be publicized to all eligible McBride students as they arise.
Award Support:
The McBride Program offers award support to help students participate in service learning or volunteer programs, whether in the United States or abroad. To be eligible for award support, the experience must meet one of the following criteria: (a) service is unpaid; (b) service carries with it high unreimbursed expenses, such as a program fee or travel; (c) service is pursued in fulfillment of the McBride practicum requirement.


Service Opportunities Abroad:
Many organizations help organize service-learning or volunteer programs abroad. A wide range of opportunities is listed on the study abroad section of the McBride website.

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