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The McBride Honors Program invites applications from faculty from all CSM divisions and departments for “Honors Faculty Fellows."
Successful applicants will:
  • Propose and develop an innovative, inspiring, and often interdisciplinary course for the McBride Honors Program;
  • Teach that course in a seminar style to a small group of Honors students (typically about 20 students), ideally at least twice during the next 3-4 years;
  • Have the approval of the appropriate department head to teach for McBride, ideally as part of the faculty member’s normal load but if necessary as an “overload”;
  • Contribute to the governance of the McBride program through service and advising;
  • Be recognized as Honors Faculty Fellow for the duration of service to the program.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to teach for McBride as part of their regular teaching loads. When they do so, their home departments will receive "buyout" funds to compensate for the faculty's contribution to McBride. (Buyout funds are $7000 per course to STEM/EB departments and $4000 per course to LAIS, provided sufficient resources are available.) 
  • In addition, each time faculty teach a course under this buyout arrangement, they will receive a $2500 supplement to their research development accounts, provided sufficient resources are available.  
  • In cases where a faculty member teaches as an "overload," that faculty member will receive $4,000 in "extra services" pay instead of the professional development supplement, and the home department will not receive "buyout" funds.  
The McBride Honors Program welcomes applications from all faculty members, but it is especially interested in proposals that:
  • Contribute to the learning outcomes of the program;
  • Include logical interdisciplinary collaboration between STEM, LAIS, and EB faculty members, via team-taught courses that blend technical and liberal arts expertise;
  • Relate meaningfully to faculty expertise and passions;
  • Promise to engage students in novel and inspiring ways with interesting and complex problems and issues;
  • Connect to grants for which McBride can play a role (e.g. include McBride students in conducting research or using Honors seminars or projects to meet “broader impacts” obligations);
  • Integrate the best practices for Honors courses nationwide and follow the principles for McBride Honors course design.
To Apply:
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, complete the application to the right and propose a course (or courses) for inclusion in the McBride curriculum. Proposed courses may be either team-taught or taught by a solo instructor, but all courses must emphasize active learning, as identified in the Course Design section of the McBride website. 
Grants and Research:
The program is interested in exploring connections between faculty research and Honors learning, such as involving Honors students in research, using McBride to help fulfill “broader impacts” requirements, or pursuing a grant on Honors STEM education. To discuss possibilities, contact the program director, Kenneth Osgood.
For further information:
Faculty interested in teaching for McBride are encouraged to discuss preliminary ideas with the program director, Kenneth Osgood. 



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