McBride Honors students are highly successful at landing excellent internship opportunities. The program strongly encourages (but does not require) students to pursue some form of internship – whether with industry, in public policy, or for the non-profit sector. The program works with students to help them identify, pursue, and complete various kind of opportunities. Some employers send announcements about internship opportunities directly to the McBride office, and we announce those opportunities directly to McBride students students.

Award support:
The McBride Program offers
award support to help students complete internships – especially in public policy or abroad. To be eligible for award support, the internship must meet one of the following criteria: (a) internship is unpaid or for very low pay; (b) internship carries with it high unreimbursed expenses, such as a program fee or travel to a foreign country; (c) internship is in public policy or for a non-profit organization.

Finding professional internships:
For professional internships in the United States, CSM’s Career Center is your most important resource for finding an opportunity that meets your goals. You should consult the
Career Center website and work with the center’s staff to explore your options. The CSM Career Center also provided assistance in resume writing, resume books, cover letters, interviewing skills, establishing a profile, and search tools for internships in numerous organizations. Please feel free to consult with the McBride Director as well.

Finding Internships Abroad:
Many organizations help organize and sponsor internships abroad. A wide range of opportunities is listed on the
research areas at federal research facilities located across the country.

CSM’s Office of International Programs is another important resource for identifying internships abroad. Students should consult the OIP website and work with OIP staff to explore their options.  

Internship Opportunities in the U.S. and Abroad:

American Association for the Advancement of Science
This organization offers a variety of paid and volunteer internship opportunities including an internship in science news writing with Science magazine, and internships in the Office of Government Relations or the Center for Science, Policy and Society.

American Geoscience & Public Policy Internships
This internship is perfect for geoscience students who are also interested in public policy. Students receive the opportunity to apply their technical knowledge in DC and help influence geoscience public policy. Opportunities to attend Senate and House meetings are also available.Argonne National Laboratory Summer Science-Writing Internship for Undergraduates.

Argonne National Laboratory's Communications & Public Affairs Division offers one full-time science-writing internship each summer for undergraduate students or recent graduates. Participants must be full-time students at an accredited college or university and must have a strong interest in science-related journalism. Participants will work at least ten 40-hour weeks on science news and feature stories and magazine articles for the Argonne News, Explorer and the Argonne Web site. The internship requires a strong background in journalism and an interest in science.

Borgen Project 
The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty and is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. People interested in the organization can become involved by volunteering to meet with local congressional leaders, mobilizing people in the community, and organizing fundraising events.

Boston Consulting Group
The BCG internship allows for students to work for a globally known consulting group. Students work on real projects in collaboration with fellow consultants. It is an ideal internship for students looking to expand into the business sector.  Carter Center
Offers unique and diverse opportunities for undergraduate juniors and seniors and for recent graduates who are interested in contemporary international and domestic issues. The Internship Program is recognized nationally and internationally. The programs and offices of The Carter Center are divided into three main areas: peace, health, and operations.

Carter Center
Offers unique and diverse opportunities for undergraduate juniors and seniors and for recent graduates who are interested in contemporary international and domestic issues. The Internship Program is recognized nationally and internationally. The programs and offices of The Carter Center are divided into three main areas: peace, health, and operations.

Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
Interns are critical to the daily operation of the office including tasks such as answering phones, greeting visitors, and filing official documents. Interns also work directly with staff on substantive research projects. In order to enhance the learning experience, interns are encouraged to attend lectures, briefings, and other events on Capitol Hill that suit their interests. 

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Summer Internship 
The purpose of the Congressional Internship Program (CIP) is to expose young Latinos to the legislative process and to strengthen their professional and leadership skills, ultimately promoting the presence of Latinos on Capitol Hill and in Federal Agencies. Students receive a stipend, housing, and domestic round-trip transportation to Washington, DC.

Council on Environmental Quality
CEQ strives to foster and promote the improvement of environmental quality to meet the conservation, social, economic, health, and other requirements and goals of the United States. This internship provides students with the opportunity to work with White House staff on environmental issues. Interns are involved with conducting research, writing memos, attending meetings and working on projects with staff from varying levels.

D.C. Internships
Students are nominated to become eligible for placement in an internship position in the fields of public policy, international affairs, journalism or communications, government affairs, law, or nonprofit sector. Students receive furnished housing, networking opportunities, and can earn college credit.

Environmental Law Institute
Interns work with staff attorneys, scientists and economists on a variety of projects. Project focuses include: land use policy, environmental management systems, hazard waste, wetlands and watershed policy, biodiversity, and environmental enforcement. Interns conduct research, analyze, edit and synthesize scholarly material and assist with preparation for environmental training courses.

Ethics and Public Policy Center
This internship would allow students to focus on a specific area of research with the Ethics and Public Policy Center non-profit. Students are placed in an academic research setting environment and can pick from a number of research areas including science & technology, religious freedom, economics and ethics, and many more.

Gap Medics
Students will work with doctors and staff in the United States or the United Kingdom government hospitals and be exposed to medical practice. There are also relevant opportunities available for students studying biomedical science and students that want to volunteer in care work with children. Weekends are left available to tour the country and go on adventures. Living accommodations with other students are provided, and mentors and contacts abroad are available as a resource.

Global Crossroads
Internship and volunteer opportunities are available in health care, journalism, and sustainable development. This organization can craft an internship in nearly any area. Accommodations are usually provided, depending on which program is chosen.

IDA Science and Technology Policy Institution
This includes participation in analyses in support of tasking from federal policy makers, training on specific analytical methods and tools, and mentorship from members of the research staff.

Intelligentsia International, Inc. (Scientific Reports Editing)
Intelligentsia International, Inc. provides an opportunity for students to intern abroad. Students work closely with international scientists to help them adapt their written reports into a publishable product. College credit is available upon completion of the program.

Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program
The Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow program allows students to gain real experience in policy analysis at a state, or federal level. Students are allowed to choose an area of research based on their own interests. Heavy emphasis is placed on the market based system of policy analysis.

LoveTEFL Global Community of TEFL Teachers
A fully accredited Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) company which offers courses and supported teaching trips, internships and TESOL jobs abroad for students, graduates and aspiring teachers. Students must complete an online 120 hour course to be eligible.

The Millennium Project
The Millennium Project offers internships of several months to one year, which can be full-time (a minimum of 20 hours per week). Interns have the opportunity to work on updating and improving one or more of the 15 Global Challenges Facing Humanity. Interns can work at the Washington, DC office, the Calgary, Canada office, or in one of the Nodes offices around the world. A wide variety of projects and type of work is available.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
Provides information and links to many different internship opportunities in public affairs and public policy.

National Council on US-Arab Relations
The NCUSAR Summer Internship in Washington, DC Program combines full time professional work experiences with a parallel two-month academic seminar meeting on two evenings per week. Interns are placed with one of over a dozen Near East and Arab world related organizations. The internship is unpaid but upon successful of the program's academic and internship requirements, students receive a 1,000.00 stipend.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
NGA provides timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security. The NGA’s paid internship program provides students with the opportunity to gain experience though work on professional, entry-level projects. Students who perform successively and meet program requirements may be invited to continue work with the organization upon successful completion of internship experiences.

National Institutes of Health
The NIH offers a highly competitive summer internship program in biomedical research. Through this program, students have the opportunity to conduct research with some of the leading scientist in the world. NIH provides hands-on research experience to students interested in careers in the biochemistry or medical field. The organization also organizes summer activities that include scientific skills workshops, workshops to help students get into graduate school or medical school, and brown bag career exploration lunches.
National Institute of Health (NIH) Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research
The goal of the Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research at NHLBI is to expose students to research investigation in a highly enriched environment that is devoted exclusively to Biomedical research and training. The Program is open to high school and college, graduate or medical and dental students. Participants join a research laboratory for a minimum of ten weeks between June and August and conduct research in selected areas of investigation under the guidance of an NHLBI intramural research scientist. College graduates are eligible for the summer between graduation and beginning either graduate or professional school.

NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP)
The NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project, or USRP, offers internship opportunities for undergraduate science and engineering students at all ten NASA centers and additional partner facilities. These mentor-guided internships provide hands-on, real-life, career-related experiences that challenge, inspire, and provide practical application that complements and expands upon students' academic education. The summer internship is ten weeks. 

Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
Previous interns have worked on the Department's "Green Procurement Plan", revising the environmental requirements for land acquisition, preparing documents and briefings for senior departmental leadership. This provides a unique experience, especially for an individual looking at mixing science with any sort of political or legal degree.Office of Science and Technology, White House This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office and prepare them for future public service opportunities. At work, interns can expect to conduct research, manage incoming inquiries, attend meetings, write memos, and staff events. Students will also attend weekly events, including a speaker series that explores different policy aspects, and regularly scheduled service projects.

Office of Science and Technology, White House
This hands on program is designed to mentor and cultivate todays' young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office and prepare them for future public service opportunities. At work, interns can expect to conduct research, manage incoming inquiries, attend meetings, write memos, and staff events. Students will also attend weekly events, including a speaker series that explores different policy aspects, and regularly scheduled service projects.
Operation Groundswell
Operation Groundswell is building and cultivating a community of “backpacktivists”, travelers who are socially, environmentally, and politically aware of their impact in the places that they travel to and live in. Travelers partake in service projects such as building wells and health clinics, and promoting education in a variety of subjects.

Partnership for Public Service – Call to Serve Program
Works with colleges and universities across the country to ensure that students are knowledgeable about opportunities in federal service. In addition, it partners with federal agencies to develop innovative recruiting methods and effective hiring techniques to improve government's capacity to build the workforce it needs.

People to People
Students can travel with People to People for a more educational organized travel experience or partake in conferences that discuss a broad range of topics with other people (age seventeen to twenty-five) about global issues or volunteer another forum. Their travel expenses typically cover meals, transportation, and whatever experience they are providing.

RISE Research Internship in Germany
This summer internship experience provides student with the opportunity to gain hands on research experience under the guidance of a mentor. RISE is for students in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering. The program and partener universities provide students with a stipend to cover living expences and assistance with housing.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship
This is a highly-competitive national fellowship program that provides college graduates with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the Fellowship's Board of Directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to nine months in Washington. Supported by a salary, the fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice.

Smithsonian Institute
Smithsonian interns obtasin practical experience and carry out projects that help them to develop personally and professionally, learning from Smithsonain leaders, scientists, curators and staff who are experts in their fields.

U.S. Senator (Opportunity Available in Senator Michael Bennet’s Office)
Competitive internship opportunities are available in Senator Bennet's Colorado or Washington, D.C. office. Interns assist with legislative research, writing responses to constituent inquiries, attending committee hearings, preparing other briefs on Senate activities, and completing various other administrative tasks (e.g. greeting guests, answering phones, and filing).

U.S. Department of Energy Technical Career Program 
Students accepted into the Technical Career Intern Program spend two summers interning at the Department of Energy. This internship is tailored towards engineering and earth science students and introduces interns to new fossil fuel technologies and policy. Students receive tuition payments for their junior and senior years with the possibility of some loan repayment and a fulltime job upon offer graduation.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Summer Internship Program
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sponsors a ten week summer internship program for juniors and seniors majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (HS-STEM) disciplines. The DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct research in DHS mission-relevant research areas at federal research facilities located across the country.

U.S. Department of State - The Council of American Ambassadors Fellowship 
Must first gain acceptance to State Department's Summer Internship Program, undertake study and/or travel abroad, and have achieved competency in at least one foreign language. Students that receive the fellowship participate in a prestigious summer program that combines mentoring by former U.S. ambassadors, practical training through internships at the US Department of State and academic studies in international affairs at Georgetown University. The tuition and housing fees are covered by the fellowship. The students must have a strong interest in international affairs/diplomacy and demonstrate a high level of academic success.

U.S. Department of State Careers Student Program
This organization offers several student internship and service opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. Student programs are designed to provide experience in a Foreign Affairs environment. 

U.S. Department of Education
Students are invited to apply for internships under specific branches of the Department of Education based on their area of interest. Accepted students can tailor the internship to best fit their goals. Some opportunities include policy analysis, research, project management, finance, and public affairs and communication.

U.S. Department of Energy
Stipend based internships programs are offered and typically occur for eight to ten weeks in the summer. The DOE also has student career experience programs, student temporary employment programs, scholar programs, minority education partnership programs, and fellowships. The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

 U.S. Department of Energy, Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships
They offer internships all year. Basic scientific research programs in Physical and Life Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. Also applied research programs relating to Coal Conservation, Environmental Impact and Technology, Fission, and Fusion Technology.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Environmental Justice Student Intern Program Opportunity to travel across Region Eight consisting of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and twenty-seven tribal nations. Student work alongside the Chief of the Policy and Environmental Justice Unit and with State Environmental Justice leaders. Interns will spend some time drafting articles for the EPA, working on research projects and administrative tasks, but will also spend a good portion of their time traveling and interacting with communities across the region.

US Food & Drug Administration, Office of Policy Internships
The Office of Policy offers unpaid internships for interested graduate (including masters, law, and other doctoral programs) and undergraduate students. Office of Policy interns have had diverse educational interests, such as law, public health, public policy, pharmacy, government, economics, and management. Interns have worked on a broad range of issues including human subject protection, food safety, nanotechnology, drug importation, novel disease outbreak issues, legislative analysis, regulation and guidance drafting, and briefings for senior agency officials. An Office of Policy intern can expect to work on substantive policy and legal projects, develop additional professional skills, improve research skills, and benefit from the personal attention of a mentor. The primary purpose of the Office of Policy internship program is to give students an opportunity to learn about federal programs, public policy, and regulatory and governmental practices first-hand. We do work with interns to help them earn educational credits, if available through their educational institution. By the end of the internship, each student should have the skills and knowledge necessary to allow her or him to make a significant contribution. 

 U.S. - Taiwan Business Council
The US-Taiwan Business Council seeks interns to assist with research and development on business and policy issues that impact the climate for US companies doing business in Taiwan. Projects and duties include industry sector research and publication, website content research, general business policy research, and general office work. Students receive a stipend and access to many networking opportunities. 

The Washington Center for Internships 
This organization provides students and professionals with academic seminars on special topics and internship-centered semester and summer programs. Offered primarily in Washington, D.C. and selected cities abroad, the internship programs consist of a substantive work experience tailored to the student's interests, academic coursework, and civic and leadership programming. Pay varies depending on selected program. 

Washington Internship for Students of Engineering (WISE) 
Each year, approximately 14,000 outstanding engineering students are selected to spend ten weeks in a special summer program in Washington, D.C. to learn how government officials make decisions on complex technological issues and how engineers can contribute to legislative and regulatory public policy decisions. The WISE Program is ranked one the 100 best Internship opportunities in the US by the Princeton Review.

White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy
There are several different departments you can apply to, including ones focused on legal topics, energy, international security, and general science & technology. Some positions may be more busy work than others (i.e.: answering phones, making copies). However, there should be a lot of good networking as well as experience writing and communicating about science policy.

Internship Search Engines & General Information:
In addition to the CSM Career Center resources and those listed above, the following websites are useful for searching for internships:            

Internships - USA

Vault Internship Board



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