First Year Honors Experience

The First Year Honors Experience offers a gateway into the McBride Honors Program. It prepares students for success in McBride, in their major coursework, and beyond.

But First Year Honors is a lot more. It offers an exciting and collaborative approach to learning that uses real-world problems to introduce students to the role of engineers and scientists in a fast-changing world.

Working closely with some of the best teachers at Mines, students come to see how the global challenges of the future require innovative and creative thinking. Even better, the First Year Honors Experience includes a supportive and diverse community of students who want to be challenged and want to explore our world. In First Year Honors, professors welcome students as colleagues, they mentor and support them, and they push them to see the world differently.

Students who do well in First Year Honors will be able to skip the application process and receive priority admission into the McBride Honors Program – where they can take advantage of its distinctive classes, travel and research options, special awards, and a community of students and professors who want to explore ideas, to be exposed to different cultures, and to work together on exciting challenges. Read more on what students will do while in the McBride program here!

As a reminder, the McBride Honors Program begins during the sophomore year and focuses on the exploration of integrated themes in the arts, sciences, and humanities at the upper-level. Please note that admission to the Program will be contingent upon space available and academic performance.

Join us in the First Year Honors Experience. It’s a great way to begin at Mines.




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